Giving LoL another shot

I’ve been gratiously asked to indulge League of Legends within my already scarce gaming habits. It has come from a colleague that looks mature and emotionally stable enough to actually be onto something here…

Since the DotA2 servers on Steam are filled with russian alphabet users who deem themselves demigods with no responsability or accountability towards their teammates, I’ve decided that IF  I get some free time on my hands this weekend, I’ll give the game another shot. Yes, I already have an old account and an almost decent idea what to do with some of the said heroes. But if I denounce DotA2 for it or not, that’ll be a different story…

League of Legends

More information to follow next week, as I have promissed to give this a fair shot :)

Digital samaritans

Digital samaritans are interresting people… They live in dark rooms disturbed by cats and pride themselves with their medium-grade education and gossipy TV shows… Most of that comes from their ignorance, just to not call it stupidity, that is… But as of late, every single one of them’s been feeling the urge to be the greatest activist ever, to save this and spare that and help one or the transform the other. People go to marches and protests and get riled up for all things random. There are a few causes – noble at heart but utopic at practice – that people tend to be giving too much attention to:

  • the issues of beggers, strays & animals
  • wall-of-text motivationals & quotes
  • saving something or someone that was already beyond saving in the first palce
  • making someone else’s beliefs and interrests your own personal crusade while knowing only half the story (best case scenario)

Why do you do this, people? Why? Is live giving you that much free time, that few of hobbies and not a single worry in the horrizon?

I understand there’s nothing worse than beggers manipulating and abusing infants to emotionally extort money out of people. I also get the moral issue of a society in which someone can’t afford a roof over his own head. I can also get all the rants about being against animal cruelty and putting a stop to their abuse and abandonment. Seriously, I do. But being  digital samaritan won’t do anyone any good. At the end of the day, to get something done, you still have to get your own lazy ass out of procrastination zone and get to do something…

Yeah, that’s right! It doesn’t matter how many fancy posters with bold words and philosopher quotes you post, that won’t make you a smarter person. It just makes you look desperate for something you crave for but are too lazy to act on. It’s like donating for terminal disease patients. They’re still terminal, no matter how much you donate. Or how often. Or how many times you share that. At the end of the day, you just make it because you feel pitty, guild or some for of remorse for not having done or being unable to do something sooner about the whole thing. So you just press on that “share” button and lie to yourself that you’ve done something good for humanity and you rescued a soul from certain damnation. But did you, really?

How does marching in the City square (of a city 400 km away) cancel a 20 year old signed government contract? Or turn back time for that matter? How do you people not realize you’re making idiots out of yourselve? You’re tagging your foreheads with the “Hey! I’m naive, impulsive and probably stupid! Pick me, pick me!”… Venting anger is ok, don’t get me wrong. But do it with direction. Do it for something that matters. Do it for yourself and merge it into something productive. In something you really believe in because it is not something you’ve been told you want, but what you really want…

And maybe try to stop throwing it in our faces. Even if you have the freedom to do so, nobody enjoys that…

Hey there, stalk much?

They say Social Media’s supposed to be bringing people together. And it is! It brought you here, so yay for that! It also should be bringing people together by making them share having lived different experiences together. And having them all documented… But is then Social Media not a fake?

For any of you girls tuning in late and reading this, if you haven’t understood what I mean by that up to this point, then… Imagine yourself having a big set of…  For the sake of it all, let’s call it “heart”... And you ornate that big heart of yours with a low cut blouse, sprinkle some sparkly glitter on top of ‘em and go wear those babies proud in the open on a chill Friday’s evening…. You might get the attention you want, but you’re gonna get more than you need. Granted you’re in a karaoke bar after the 4th shot drooling some Sinead O’Connor over the microphone, but that’s not the point. You can’t just make the unwanted attention go away ’cause there’s no controlling the outcome of this, now, is it?

To make it blunt, Social Media is a double edged sword. So, I ask myself again: is it always for the right reasons? Social Media bringing people together. With a note on the “how” and the “why”, I mean… And I ask that because since the illusion of privacy over the internet, people tend to forget once you push “Publish”, it’s no longer private. The information’s exposed (one way or another) to at least 1 other entity over which you have no control or legal grounds to stand upon. And the strange thing is that most people – and probably you too – do that willingly. So, then, besides the traditional bragging, attention whoreing and whateverville requests that we’ve all done at least once in our cyberlives, I ask you: what do you really use Social Media for?


Yeah… I admit I sometimes use it to stalk and had fun with it for a while. I even taught a couple of people how to do that along the years. But the thing is there is no shame using information for “personally constructive” purposes… You lay it out there for me, wanting me to find it… But what about you? Are you ready to admit on what side of the fence you really are?

Are you the hunter or the hunted?